Testimonials from our Happy Clients.

FINALLY a one-session, FUN, self-defense class without having to enroll in Karate! Check out my “Case study” of the program:


WHOA!!!! That was BEYOND amazing!!!! I mean I had heard great things but whoa!!! Every parent there was completely blown away. So much powerful information and the girls LOVED it. You are SUCH an amazing speaker and presenter and so many of the things you said I found myself saying YES soooooo well said! And so many great life lessons that could even help adults! My husband was also beyond impressed. We talked about it a lot!!! And today, my daughter was so happy to show off all she had learned with her brother audience!!!!
You really made it all so easy, the scheduling and everything! We all can’t wait to do it again!
Thank you so much for everything! It was such a special, impactful and incredible experience!

“The girls had a wonderful time and I was very pleased with your program. I was impressed by how you addressed staying aware, not afraid, taught them to trust their instincts, and most importantly, gave them the tools to avoid confrontation but protect themselves, if necessary.”

“Your class is AWESOME!! I went because husband said I should. You and your team did an excellent job- so glad I took the class! Highly recommend:) Thank you!”

“Your class was wonderful! My daughter, Scarlett, used some of what she learned yesterday to deal with a boy who was picking on her. She was nice and he just walked away. She was thrilled! She feels totally confident now. Thank you so much!!! I look forward to doing another class.”

“My girls loved your workshop! They could not stop talking about it! They loved, loved your real-life stories! Also, my 8th grader thanked me for making her stay in Girl Scouts. She said this workshop topped any other workshop they have done! They can’t wait for the next session!”

“Instilling a sense of confidence safety and security has been one of our main goals. Within a half hour of leaving your course – she encountered a bully and was able to use the training taught. We will continue to work on the core lessons you taught! Thank you again! ”

“I cannot thank you enough for the work you do. Your program continues to provide young children with the knowledge and skills to deal with difficult situations in their home, community, and school. Most importantly you inspire them to be confident, use their voices, and exert their POWER. Every time I observe you and Matt working with the children I am absolutely amazed and reminded how important your course is for all of our sons and daughters. Thank you so much for everything you do.”

“Thank you again for the amazing class! I truly feel that you made a significant difference in our girl’s lives. The troop and moms are still buzzing about how wonderful the training was. We look forward to having an annual training from you.”

“I had no idea how powerful your message would be. Your lessons give vital information that everyone should hear, repeatedly. Not only do you discuss these hard to broach topics but you empower children with confidence and techniques to keep them powerful. I learned a lot too. I’m sure we will book a follow up class in the future for our scouts. Thank you for a great class, I’ll make sure at every opportunity I recommend your program.”