About Us at PlayItSafeDefense.

Tracie Alexander Arlington.

Owner and Master Instructor

In 2003 Tracie Arlington, a mother of two and a black belt in Taekwondo realized there was a need for self defense training for women and children that were not in the martial arts. So PlayItSafeDefense was born!

Tracie is a strong advocate of child safety and self defense training. She has been teaching self defense since 1998, and is a certified national instructor for the Women’s Self Defense Community. Tracie also sits on the Board of Directors for “Crime-Stoppers” San Diego. In 2006 USA Freestyle Martial Arts voted her Instructor of the Year. Tracie has conducted tens of thousands of classes for colleges, high schools, local businesses, mother groups, children’s camps, places of worship, community centers, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, and teen groups. She also speaks regularly to mom groups and women’s organizations throughout San Diego County on the importance of learning self defense.